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140828 SJ Mamacita Press Conference:

Leeteuk:  We have worked together for 10 years. To be honest there were many quarrels, many debates but these add up.. Not sure if this is the way men express to each other but if there's love there's loyalty. Because such loyalty exists, we can walk together until now. In future we may spend more time together than apart, I myself am anticipating.
Kangin:  My opinion is to celebrities who have debuted for 10 years, dorm life is.. We still live in dorm. Hearing that we still live in dorms, our hoobaes will feel surprised. We live together, see each other and eat everyday. Is this also a reason why we can walk together for such a long time? I also moved out then moved back.
Shindong:  My opinion is after 10 years, our members' understanding is deeper. We must understand when this member does this thing. We understand each other's character very well, know what will make this member angry. I feel that members' understanding for each other has deepened.
cr:  elf_ninida